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About Us

How Long has Yale been around?? Well, lets put it this way: When Yale first opened its doors there were two baseball teams that called Philadelphia their home; The Philadelphia Phillies and the Philadelphia Athletics, more commonly known as the As.

Delivery trucks looked like this.  
  Junkyard piles looked like this.

And if you were a little careless and got caught you looked like this. (Im not 100% sure but I think this guy was our first customer.)


By the way, if you order a part from us by e-mail or phone and tell us the year make and model of our first delivery truck, well deduct $10.00 from your order totaling $50.00 and larger and $20.00 from your order totaling $100.00 and larger. And yes, if you decide to stop by and identify our vehicle in the picture, youll get the same discount. A word of advice here: Get your price first then tell us the year make and model.

We are going to change up our little quiz every so often to make it interesting and sorry guys you get only one correct answer per customer per question.

Got suggestions for us about anything at all?? Wed love to hear them. Our goal is to make your online or walk in experience as pleasant as possible.



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